Business history: 

Our organizational strength lies in the long history with in the Miami-Dade County community, and our well-known status.  People know that La Liga Contra El SIDA is here, and has worked over the last 29 years to provide services when no one else would within the Hispanic Community.  The service provider network that we have established will be maintained and expanded to include other Hispanic, Haitian, and African American HIV/AIDS providers. We intend to diversify and increase in the organization’s financial base of support to ensure sustainability and managerial effectiveness, as well as, develop or increase capabilities, financial planning and strategies to help ensure the organization's effectiveness.

Board of Directors Membership Roster

The following individuals have served terms on the Board of Directors of the League:

Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega, Dr. Mireille Tribie, Ms. Ivonne D'Liz, Ms. Elsa Negrin, Mr. Julio Mendez, Ms. Elaine Abreu, Ms. Haydee Garcia Rios, Ms. Belen Saborido, Ms. Hilda Izaguire, Mr. Raul Miranda, Mr. Roberto Batalla, Ms. Lucy Pereda, Ms. Nadine Gay, Ms. Nadege Chancy, Ms. Vera Dobson, Ms. Ofelia Parajon-Pedraja, Mr. Charles Alexis Fabien, Ms. Ela De Paula, Mr. Rafael Vadia, Mr. Marcos Morejon, Mr. Jose M. Garcia Jr., Ms. Henni Ramirez, Mr. Mauricio Leiseca, Mr. Jose Montes, Mr. Manuel Canisares, Ms. Margarita Ortega, Mr. Raul Rodriguez del Rey, Ms. Margarita Cepeda, Mr. Lazaro Diaz, Mr. Henry Calderon, Ms. Allyson Warren, Mr. Robert Alvarez, Ms. Teresita Rodriguez, Ms. Novella Peguero, Ms. Dolores Battiloro, Ms. Margarita Coego, Mr. Victor Ramirez, Mr. Agustin Bunuel, Ms. Ellie Goudie, Mr. Daniel Rossy, Mr. Peter Valdes, Mr. Judd Jandacek, Mr. Luis Avila, Ms. Marta Benoit.

Who runs our business

Our not-for-profit organization operation is run by Dr. Manuel Laureano-Vega and corporate policy is overseen by a policy making Board of Directors.

Current Board of Directors

Jack Michel MD, Chairman
Ms. Alba Michel, Director
Mr. Jorge Michel MD, Director
M. Jorge Carballo , Director

What makes our business unique and what sets us apart:

The purpose of our corporation is to eliminate cultural barriers to resources utilization; this reduces the mortality and morbidity rates due to the AIDS epidemic in our communities.  We provide coordinated case management services in the areas of home based environmental maintenance, medical care, and emergency economic assistance.  A client’s comprehensive plan of care is developed by assessment, addressing the client’s needs.  The League does this in a fashion that will ensure optimal benefits to our clients, increasing their quality of life.

“The League’s Beliefs” 

*          We firmly believe in client Freedom of Choice.

*          We believe every person deserves individualized attention & care.

*          We believe every person deserves to be treated with respect.

*          We believe, it is your life and that you deserve the best.

What are our business hours? Monday through Friday from 11 am until 7 pm.